Monday, April 30, 2012

Bible Translated into Klingon

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  1. Not quite true, actually:

    The Klingon Language Institute had a project to translate the Bible from Greek and Aramaic, but the project was never completed.

    What there IS out there is an ungrammatical machine translation.

    For example, it translates Gen 1:1 as:

    Daq the tagh joH'a' created the chal je the tera'.

    A more proper translation, however, would be something like:

    bI'reS chal tera' je chenmoH joH'a'.
    ...which word-by-word translates to "Beginning, sky Earth and form-cause great-lord."

    As you can see, Klingon word order is very different from English, so word-by-word translations don't work.


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