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Monday, March 6, 2017

India Builds World’s Largest Solar Power Plant, Covering 2,500 Acres

India Builds World’s Largest Solar Power Plant, Covering 2,500 Acres

India stands at the intersection of technology and history. Home to more than 1.25 billion people, it is struggling to build a modern society in the midst of a culture that has changed little since the age of feudalism. One of the keys to economic prosperity is access to reliable, affordable electrical power. Many developing nations have chosen to fuel economic expansion by building coal fired generating plants. Coal has traditionally been one of the least expensive fuels and is found in abundance worldwide. But now solar power is starting to edge out coal as the power source of choice as costs continue to plummet.

At first, India followed the lead of China, which built the largest manufacturing economy in the world by constructing hundreds of coal fired generating plants. But China soon discovered burning all that coal made for smog filled skies over its major cities. India paid attention to the gathering storm of human health concerns in China and decided to hold off on building more coal facilities. It chose to invest in solar farms instead, which is good news not only for India but for the global environment as well.

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