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Monday, March 6, 2017

Kim Dotcom Predicts Bitcoin Market Cap Will Grow To US$100bn By 2020

Kim Dotcom Predicts Bitcoin Market Cap Will Grow To US$100bn By 2020

Kim Dotcom remains very positive regarding the future of bitcoin and its market cap. In a recent tweet, Dotcom stated how he can easily see bitcoin’s market cap grow to US$100bn by 2020. That is quite a bold statement, considering it would value every individual bitcoin at US$5,000. Albeit this is not impossible, it seems rather unlikely at this stage.

Even though Dotcom’s plans to launch Bitcache may have been delayed slightly due to his ongoing extradition battle, he sees a bright future for bitcoin. In a recent tweet, he shared his price prediction with the rest of the world. He stated how bitcoin’s market cap can easily reach US$100bn by 2020. To put this into perspective, bitcoin’s current market cap sits at just over US$20bn.

If this price trend were to take place, it will mean bitcoin’s value per coin will multiply by five in the coming years. That is a rather bold statement, although some financial experts have echoed similar statements in the past few months. A lot of people are hopeful the value per individual BTC will go to US$5,000 or more, although it remains to be seen how this will be achieved. The upcoming bitcoin ETF decision may proposal the price in that direction, assuming it is approved.

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