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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Antonopoulos Warns of Fraudulent Projects In The Blockchain Space

Antonopoulos Warns of Fraudulent Projects In The Blockchain Space

In his typical eloquent fashion, Antonopoulos said when the tide recedes, these charlatans and frauds will be left standing naked on the beach. They will have left their bathing suits at home, along with their integrity and dignity. They will be disrobed for all to witness. Of course, this is what happens when nonsense is gift-wrapped and pawned off as blockchain technology.

He clarified, ““There is a lot of bullshit being peddled to VC’s to investors, to initial coin offering buyers, to uneducated investors. There are a lot of Ponzi schemes, there are a lot of pyramid schemes, and a lot of empty promises. There is also a lot of business as usual disguised as innovation, disguised as disruptive technology.”

Antonopoulos said the bankers, central planners, and other parties will especially attempt to defraud people and claim their pseudo-innovations are amazing blockchain revelations.

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