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Friday, May 5, 2017

Bitcoin Price Likely to Reach $2000 as More Serious Investors Get Involved

Bitcoin Price Likely to Reach $2000 as More Serious Investors Get Involved

Aside from the longstanding conflicts in the Bitcoin community and the recent upsurge in the capital outflow to other cryptocurrencies, do you think $2000 seems a sure range that could have been reached by now?

The price had almost closed in on $1,300 before the March 25 struggle over the scalability issue which dropped the price to $908. This is quite understandable as a factor to cause panic in the market and hinder the flow of interest.

The price regained its strength in the most part of April when the “altcoin bubble” was somewhat used frequently.

Now, even when some of the suggested factors that are likely to affect the price in May are yet to come, the price hovers around $1,450. The French election, India’s decision on digital currencies, a review of the ETF decision by the SEC and we are not even sure of when the standoff between some banks and digital currency exchanges would end. Three major exchanges Bitfinex, OKCoin and BTC-e have separately reported that they’ve been unable to process transactions in dollars. None of these is certain to change anything in the price.

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