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Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Bitcoin-Inspired Project From Gavin Andresen, Former Bitcoin Lead Developer

New Bitcoin-Inspired Project From Gavin Andresen, Former Bitcoin Lead Developer

Charles Dearing is a veteran tech journalist with over 15 years of experience using words to move people to act. He has written for various publications such as ProBlogger, Big Think, Apps World, to name a few. You may connect with him on Twitter.

Gavin Andresen, known as the former lead developer of Bitcoin, has recently broken his long silence on his Twitter account with the following tweet mentioning a recent project that is known as the Random Sanity Project.

While the Random Sanity Project’s (RSP) main vision is to secure the Internet by verifying sources of randomness that comes from different entities, Andresen also aims to solve the problems that monetary software systems like cryptocurrencies experience due to the lack of available data on the Internet.

Andresen also mentioned that he is well aware of the importance of the security of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Once the security has been breached, people will lose money which will result in a lot of users reacting violently. Andresen makes this claim as he has been keeping tabs on Bitcoin and has observed a lot of system problems that have stemmed out, such as faulty data generation. Even the smallest mistake and small breaches like these have already negatively affected the whole Bitcoin community.

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