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Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Blockchain Can Change The Way Science Works, Explained

How Blockchain Can Change The Way Science Works, Explained

1. First of all, why would science need any help?

It’s not just Nobel prizes and disruptive breakthroughs, you know.

Not only are scientists tasked with solving the world’s most complex problems, they also face the risk that someone else may be credited for their work. Additionally, there is fierce competition for funding and researchers - it’s often only those who have a great reputation and notable work experience that see success.

Imagine how many brilliant young minds go unheard and unused in this system. Without a PhD and significant exposure, many scientists and enthusiasts never have the opportunity to help solve many of the world’s greatest problems. The barriers to entry make it almost impossible for most people to help make a difference. Academic institutions have remained nearly unchanged for centuries, which is creating opportunities for unconventional new solutions.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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