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Saturday, September 9, 2017

How Does Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Work And How Can Entrepreneurs Capitalize On It?

How Does Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Work And How Can Entrepreneurs Capitalize On It?

It seems like everyone is talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies nowadays. And in truth, there is more chatter surrounding this industry than ever before. To highlight this, take a look at this Google Trends report. It shows both of these terms at an all-time high for interest and search volume.

And with this rising level of interest, you’re seeing a niche that used to be considered quite fringe become mainstream. And this has a lot of people wondering how they can take advantage of the rise in activity. But especially, I think that entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity to get on board with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Here’s how.

First off, let me quickly explain how cryptocurrencies work and what the blockchain is. In the most basic of terms, a blockchain is a distributed ledger that can record transactions between parties. And it is maintained by a peer-to-peer network, or distributed computing systems all over the world.

Basically, it’s a record of transactions that is stored on many computers and is checked against itself for accuracy. Which means that it’s incredibly secure and resistant to modifications.

Full story at http://bit.ly/2xVM9kz

Source: Forbes

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