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Monday, October 9, 2017

Blockchain News for 9 Oct 2017


Big Pharma Turns to Blockchain to Track Meds

Big Pharma Turns to Blockchain to Track Meds


The pharma industry may be on the verge of solving a longtime problem: How to stop a flow of stolen or counterfeit pills entering the supply chain and trickling down to patients.

The answer comes in the form of blockchain technology, a form of software that runs across multiple computers, and creates a tamper-proof, indelible record of transactions.

On Thursday, a group of companies announced the MediLedger Project, which is creating blockchain tools to manage pharmaceutical supply chains. The group, which includes drug giants Genentech and Pfizer, has already completed a successful pilot program to track medicines.

If the project meets its goals, everyone from drug makers to wholesalers to hospitals will be recording drug deliveries on a blockchain. What this means in practice is that, at each step of the distribution process, a network of computers will vouch for the provenance and authenticity of a drug shipment—making it harder for thieves to unload stolen medications, or for counterfeiters to introduce fake wares.

Full story at http://for.tn/2ymqRM7

Source: Fortune

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Australia Cites Blockchain In 'Digital Economy' Strategy Launch

Australia Cites Blockchain In Digital Economy Strategy Launch


Australia's government is plotting an ambitious new Digital Economy initiative, citing the country's previous work with blockchain and its future potential in a new public consultation call.

The scope of the project is outlined in a new paper published this week by the The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, which also includes a series of questions aimed to spur public debate around digitized businesses and services.

Though none of the questions explicitly mention blockchain, the document highlights the technology in several areas, and signals that the government in Australia sees a prominent role for blockchain in the future.

As the paper explains in one passage:

"The next phase of the internet, where we are always on and always connected, has the potential to transform our economy even further. Horizontal platform technologies like distributed ledger technology (for example, blockchain) and machine learning will support innovation and productivity right across the economy."

Full story at http://bit.ly/2ymlXiv

Source: CoinDesk

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YC wants to let people invest in its startups through the blockchain

YC wants to let people invest in its startups through the blockchain


ICOs — or initial coin offerings — are emerging as a route for startups to raise money from a wide pool of investors through cryptocurrency networks. Now, one of the biggest and best-known accelerators in the world is mulling a way to use cryptocurrency networks and the blockchain to help get more people involved in backing their cohorts, according to its president.

“We are interested in how companies like Y Combinator can use the blockchain to democratize access to investing,” said Sam Altman, who leads the accelerator, onstage at Disrupt yesterday. “We should try to figure that out.”

Our sources tell us YC is actually a little further along than that. Like a growing number of venture groups that are jumping into the digital currency world, the group is actively sussing out how it might use cryptocurrency to expand the investment pool. There are still legal and other details that are being examined, the sources say.

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Altman actually painted a mixed picture of the role of ICOs in the tech world today. It wasn’t all good.

Full story at http://tcrn.ch/2ymFNdj

Source: TechCrunch

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Why The Delaware Blockchain Initiative Matters To All Dealmakers

Why The Delaware Blockchain Initiative Matters To All Dealmakers


You may have heard about the Delaware Blockchain Initiative and the groundbreaking amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law(“DGCL”) that became effective on August 1, 2017. Led by Andrea Tinianow, the Delaware Blockchain Initiative is designed to solve very real operational and legal challenges affecting some of the largest corporations and commercial transactions on the global stage.   Here is why the Delaware Blockchain Initiative matters.

First, the Delaware Blockchain Initiative matters because Delaware matters. Incorporation home to nearly one million business entities, a well-established body of corporate law and a sophisticated business court (the Delaware Court of Chancery), Delaware is widely regarded as the corporate capital of the United States, if not the world. Global Delaware reports: “In 2013, 83 percent of all new U.S. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) chose to incorporate in Delaware. The state remains the chosen home for more than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 65 percent of Fortune 500® companies, according to the 2013 Annual Report of the Delaware Division of Corporations released by Secretary of State Jeffrey W. Bullock.” Accordingly, legal and commercial developments in Delaware have the potential to affect the entire United States economy.

And there is a demand for blockchain based developments. Below are two examples of high-profile transactions gone awry and potential blockchain-based solutions.

Full story at http://bit.ly/2ylty0A

Source: Forbes

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Australia's Origin Energy to Trial Blockchain Power Trading

Australias Origin Energy to Trial Blockchain Power Trading


One of Australia's largest utility providers is working with blockchain startup Power Ledger to test a new energy trading platform.

Origin Energy works in a number of energy fields, including power plant operation, natural gas processing and both commercial and domestic power delivery. As such, the project will see the company using the trial platform to connect customers who want to either buy or sell excess energy, with blockchain creating an immutable record of where energy is being allocated.

With the trial, Origin becomes the latest utility firm to examine the tech's potential in the sector. Major industry companies including BP, Wien Energie and Sweden's Vattenfall have embarked on efforts of their own in recent months, positioning those projects as ways to explore new ways of doing business.

Full story at http://bit.ly/2yvPmaX

Source: CoinDesk

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Dubai 2020 Blockchain Dream Sees First US Govt-Backed Trade Mission

Dubai 2020 Blockchain Dream Sees First US Govt-Backed Trade Mission


The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is leading the first Blockchain trade mission to Dubai in direct partnership with the US Department of Commerce.

The pioneering four-day visit, which includes participation from a number of Blockchain companies, comes as part of efforts to make Dubai a Blockchain city by 2020.

Representatives from Bloq, Cisco and Netki among others are on board what is the world’s first certified trade mission centered specifically on Blockchain.

“This mission comes at an exciting time,” the US Ambassador to the UAE Barbara A. Leaf stated in an accompanying release issued Tuesday.

Full story at http://bit.ly/2xqgtal

Source: CoinTelegraph

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