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British Corner Shop - British Food, Delivered Worldwide

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blockchain News: Can Blockchain Challenge Content Platform Giants' Facebook and YouTube Domination?

Can Blockchain Challenge Content Platform Giants Facebook and YouTube Domination?

While the world is full of Internet millionaires who made their fortunes on social media, many talented artists and content creators are still struggling to monetize their content. Competition is fierce and one has to be creative enough to offer something catchy, unique and savvy enough to wow the insatiable audiences.

The latter appears to be all the more necessary as platforms hosting these global audiences are making monetization opportunities more difficult.

Take YouTube for example. The site has over 1 billion users worldwide. Since it introduced monetization through Content ID, the company has paid content creators $2 billion as of 2016. Recently, however, the company has faced criticism for raising the bar on monetization requiring channels to reach 10,000 lifetime views before ads can be enabled.

Against this backdrop new blockchain platforms are emerging in an effort to end the hegemony of a few giants. The question remains, can they succeed against the Goliaths in the space?

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Source: Forbes

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