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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Crypto News: A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors

A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors

Scams, taking advantage of people who trusted in a business’ integrity, are not okay. I will not for a second endorse such ways of doing business.

However, fraudulence is both an art and a science. It is worthwhile for investors and those enthusiastic about bitcoin to examine bad actors in our midst. We do well by understanding their techniques. We do better by publicizing them in 

Scams are not coins or projects you personally find abhorrent or objectionable. Though it might be true, these are sometimes necessary but never sufficient conditions to label something a scam. If that were the case, bitcoin would already be dust. Want to guess how many times a day someone who works in the ecosystem reads or hears the word “scam?” 

Instead, the kind of efforts discussed here can be considered circumstantial, as in maybe all the facts are not in yet. Important too, perhaps some of the people involved were not privy to certain amounts of information — it’s often true in these matters the last ones to know are zealous believers.

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Source: Bitcoin News

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