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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Crypto News: My Disappointment for the Crypto Community Has Reached a New Height by Randy Hilarski

My Disappointment for the Crypto Community Has Reached a New Height by Randy Hilarski

Since the beginning of 2017 when the verbal war / social media war began between big block and and small block Bitcoin supporters I have been hesitant to say anything negative. I think it is time that I voiced how I feel as someone who has put the vast majority of their wealth into crypto. Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies are my money, my savings and families future.

A small bunch of egomaniacs has gone and expressed their need to push their personal agenda on the mass of users who just want a form of money outside of the fiat system. Seriously, it looks like greed and ego have over taken rational thought.

Do users of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency a favor and do a little soul searching. Is your behavior constructive? Does it add anything positive to the conversation? When I look at your Tweets all I see is a bunch of whining, infighting and a need to be right.

This behavior that is being exhibited across social media is leaving a trail of victims. This violates a core principle that many of us live by, the Non-Aggression Principle. When you harm others whether it is mentally, physically or financially it makes you look like totalitarians rather than people we thought were chosen to lead us out of the financial slavery we have been in since we were born.

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