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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Crypto News: New Opportunities With Cryptocurrency

New Opportunities With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency adoption like Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to grow as more people around the world see the possibilities and benefits it offers. To further mainstream it, there are many new opportunities to consider for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I have no affiliation or connection with any of the companies listed within this article; they are simply good examples of how a new industry can be pushed forward in new and unique ways. Because I work with cryptocurrency and blockchain (the technology behind it) I am excited to watch the industry expand with these new opportunities. I believe it is valuable to share these opportunities because it will help my fellow entrepreneurs out there understand the incredible ways digital currency can be incorporated into business and our personal lives.

This is a relatively new concept for retirement investing that illustrates how cryptocurrency should be seen as a viable monetary source. For example, Bitcoin IRA is a completely compliant company that helps people start a retirement account. Or, if you already have an IRA, you can transfer those funds into this and convert it into cryptocurrency, taking another approach to investing in this digital currency. This type of IRA must follow all the rules and regulations set out for these types of retirement accounts.

There are minimal fees involved in having this type of IRA, which is an attractive benefit along with the potential to see your investment grow as cryptocurrency becomes more valuable. It also receives tax-deferred status like a regular IRA because a digital currency is now recognized by the IRS.

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Source: Forbes

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