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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Crypto News: Wind Energy Used To Mine Cryptocurrency To Fund Climate Research

Wind Energy Used To Mine Cryptocurrency To Fund Climate Research

Sometimes things have to get worse before they change for the better. A fever is an example. To a certain point, fever rises to an intense degree to chase out the pathogens of the common flu. However, if the heat hits a certain point, it injures more than it helps. Climate change has already reached (passed) a life-threatening stage. It is plain that the beginnings of pollution and climate change trouble came with our “modern” industrial age. Yet, modern research and technology are also key to returning to a stable climate and clean air.

I’m disappointed that everyone has not watched Chasing Ice to better understand where we are headed with that. It is a brilliant intersection of documentary, science, climate change, adventure, and art/film. It is also a way to personalize climate science and help bring more support to this critical area of research.

Another way to bring more attention and funding to climate science is by using renewable energy to “uncover” cryptocurrency. Say what?

Julian Oliver, who used wind energy “to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research,” explains further after the artistic picture.

Full story at

Source: CleanTechnica

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