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Friday, March 10, 2017

How To Green Your Electricity Supply: A Short Guide

How To Green Your Electricity Supply: A Short Guide

A growing number of companies are committed to greening their energy supply. But is it better for businesses to buy clean energy or to invest in producing it themselves? Benedict de Meulemeester, Managing Director of Brussels-based E&C Consultants, discusses the pros and cons of different options and concludes that it may be a good idea to go all the way.

An impressive number of major companies are greening their electricity use. Top of the bill might be Ikea, which has committed to produce as much renewable electricity as it consumes in its industrial sites, storage sites and shops by 2020. Apple is also approaching 100% renewable electricity supply rapidly – it was already at 93% in 2015. Other companies that have committed to the symbolic 100% renewable electricity supply by 2020 target are Swiss RE, Bank of America, BMW, British Telecom, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, ING, La Poste, Phillips Lighting, Sky Entertainment, UBS and  Unilever. (See for more names and information the RE100 website.)

With a climate change denying Trump administration in the US, one could easily be pessimistic about the prospects of a further greening of the world’s energy supply. However, I believe that the renewable energy revolution is a train that is rolling and can’t be stopped in its tracks. First of all, a large part of the public is convinced that climate change is a real problem. Companies feel a pressure to present green energy credentials to clients, current and future employees, investors, or they just go green because of an inborn sense of social responsibility.

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