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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The town I live, Lohja, is going to have ‘Emoji Street’ and ‘Meme Street’ :)

The town I live, Lohja, is going to have ‘Emoji Street’ and ‘Meme Street’ :)

Finland is living in the future, and the rest of the world can only sit back and marvel.

The sauna-loving population of this frozen Scandinavian country is once again breaking new ground, thanks to the forward-thinking city planners of a small town west of Helsinki named “Lohja.” The town is in the process of approving plans for construction of a new business and commercial district but was having a hard time coming up with original names that didn’t rely on the tried-and-true references to birds and other nature crap.

So the city decided to propose a couple of names with a more modern flavor: “Meme Street” and Emoji Street.” (Meemikatu and Emojikatu, in Finnish).

According to Finnish news site Nyt, the names sprang from the mind of town architect Juha Anttila.

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