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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bitcoin’s Civil War is Over But Bitcoin Price Set For Extreme Volatility

Bitcoin’s Civil War is Over But Bitcoin Price Set For Extreme Volatility

Bitcoin’s three-year civil war, which so thoroughly divided the community into armed camps, appeared to come to a close with the activation of BIP 91 just over a week ago.

BIP 91 is the first step in implementing the SegWit2x scalability proposal which is supported by the vast majority of economic actors and miners. There is, however, one significant wild card. It’s called ”Bitcoin Cash.”

Bitcoin Cash is supported by some notable members of the “big block” camp, such as Roger Ver, and on Aug. 1 it will hard fork from the main Bitcoin network, causing a chain split. Most people expect this to be a non-event, with Bitcoin Cash immediately being relegated to “altcoin” status. However, there is significant potential for market disruptions, and Bitcoin Cash has the potential to strongly affect Bitcoin’s value.

Bitcoin Cash presents a significant challenge in how exchanges deal with customer’s funds and margin orders.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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