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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blockchain and Retail: Four Opportunities

Blockchain and Retail: Four Opportunities

Bitcoin, blockchain, distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies – you could almost forget about IoT and big data, with the way people are talking about blockchain these days. The developments around the technology are proceeding at a breath-taking pace, and for retailers, if you were ignoring it or thinking you’d wait until later to start paying attention, well, later has arrived.

While blockchain is not going to revolutionize retail tomorrow, there are enough changes coming and enough real players involved in innovation and investment, that retailers need to pay attention to how it will impact their industry.

I’m not going to define blockchain or how it works. If you want that, I recommend this series of articles, as I found them to be extremely helpful (and basic). But whether you understand how it works or not, here are four big changes, in order from closest to coming to fruition, to farthest away.

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Source: Forbes

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