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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Despite their danger (or lack thereof), sharks need stronger protections

Despite their danger (or lack thereof), sharks need stronger protections

On Monday, a video was uploaded to Instagram in which a shark is shown being dragged behind a speedboat. Mark Quartiano, a self-described shark hunter, posted the video and says it was sent to him by two other Instagram users. Photos of the mutilated shark were also shared online.

Still, this incident shouldn't be considered on its own. It's an opportunity to consider the broader issue of shark hunting. Because for all his claims of moral outrage at the shark dragging, Quartiano represents a troubling global fishing industry.

It's an industry with many faces but one result: plumetting shark populations.

Sometimes, as in Quartiano's case, sharks are hunted as trophies. Other times they are entangled in net-based fishing. But for the most part, sharks are fished for their fins.

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