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Thursday, August 3, 2017

If True Value of Cryptocurrency Is Freedom, Why Do We Need to Regulate It?

If True Value of Cryptocurrency Is Freedom, Why Do We Need to Regulate It?

Like many technological advantages before it, cryptocurrencies represent massive strides forward in social, economical and technological advances for all of us.

To be clear, this reflection shouldn't be taken from a technical stand point, the technical debate around cryptocurrencies is long and in depth and best reserved for another time. This review should be undertaken at a much more top level.

Better explained sticking with the aircraft analogy, most of us don't know (or care) how the jet propulsion engine works, but we still happily drink a Gin and Tonic at 40,000 feet while heading off to our next vacation.

The same is true of the cryptocurrency. In the future, and indeed today, many individuals will use these technological advances with little to no understanding of the technology behind it. Of course, those of us who follow technology closely will know this ignorance doesn't come from not caring how it works, its the opposite, its putting total faith in the system working, and working well.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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