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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rumors of Insolvency Circulate Among Users of Bitcoin Exchange Poloniex, Support Slow

Rumors of Insolvency Circulate Among Users of Bitcoin Exchange Poloniex, Support Slow

Rumors have been circulating about the possible insolvency of Poloniex prompting users of the Bitcoin exchange platform to share their own dissatisfaction with the platform and increasing frustration for the lack of timely customer support.

The rumor first started in post in 4chan where a user claimed that Poloniex is on its way to insolvency giving the many issues that it is encountering. While the user did not give any telling evidence to the claim, the post garnered enough attention from many users recalling their most recent disappointing experiences on the exchange platform.

On Reddit, one user also floated the issue of Poloniex insolvency after his account containing $70,000 was hacked. Alexander Levin explained that his Poloniex account was hacked a month ago. He said he immediately created a ticket, thus far Poloniex is yet to respond to  his issue, making him conclude that the company might be in insolvency.

Alexander Levin writes:

“I have a support ticket with Poloniex and have been updating it every day, to no avail. They never respond. Because this is quite a large amount of money, it makes absolutely no sense that they would not reply to my requests, except to say that that a reasonable person would consider them insolvent.”

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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