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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Russian Miner Coin Wants To Challenge China for Bitcoin Mining Supremacy

Russian Miner Coin Wants To Challenge China for Bitcoin Mining Supremacy

Russian Miner Coin is creating a new digital asset and having a token sale. They are Russian Miner Coin To Challenge China for Bitcoin Mining Supremacypositioning to generate revenue for building a mining infrastructure in Russia. The initial coin offering (ICO) for these “RMC” tokens will provide holders with rights to 18% of the earnings generated by all mining equipment purchased with investment funds.

A Fortune magazine article elaborated, saying, “Russian Miner Coin is holding a so-called initial coin offering, where investors will use units of ethereum or bitcoin to buy new RMC tokens. These new tokens will have rights to 18 percent of the revenue earned with the company’s mining equipment, according to a presentation posted on its website.”

The Russians are going to use semiconductor chips, which were designed for satellites, to power the equipment and minimize costs. Putin’s internet ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev, provided this information in a recent news conference. He suggested Russia has a lot of potential to grow in the field of cryptocurrency mining. He said,

Russia has the potential to reach up to 30 percent share in global cryptocurrency mining in the future.

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Source: Bitcoin News

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