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Friday, August 11, 2017

UK Police Drafts Detailed Bitcoin Seizure Guide

UK Police Drafts Detailed Bitcoin Seizure Guide

Last week the ‘N8 Policing Research Partnership’ published a report that explains how they would like to see UK law enforcement handle bitcoin seizures. The report claims that criminals prefer to use cryptocurrencies in crimes like ransomware, dark web activities and more. The paper says bitcoin is the most favored cryptocurrency employed in illicit activities and N8 believes UK-based officers need to grasp this new technology.

“Cryptocurrencies have increasingly become a common method of value exchange in a number of types of criminal activity,” explains the four-page proposal. “This collaborative project has brought together a variety of experts from different disciplines and practices to explore the challenges posed by criminal use of cryptocurrency with regard to the investigation, production of conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, and prosecution of offenders.”

The N8 police report details that law enforcement needs education on things like bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, forensic tracing tools, a literature guide, and a booklet designed to help officers identify bitcoin activity. Additionally, the reports suggests that police departments utilize “Tier 1-Bitcoin experts, Regional Cyber Crime Units, Digital Media Investigators, and Tier 4-Frontline officers and investigators.”

Tier 4 – Frontline officers — All UK police staff should be required to complete a mandatory Bitcoin e-learning package (NCLAT), on how to identify bitcoin activity and who to contact for further advice.

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Source: Bitcoin News

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