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Saturday, June 17, 2017

A leading Finnish VC firm just started measuring its startups' ecological 'handprint' — how much they improve the earth's health

A leading Finnish VC firm just started measuring its startups

Cleantech Invest, a Helsinki-based venture capital firm behind companies like ResQ Club and Watty, is pioneering a new approach: to measure its startups not only on their growth and profitability, but also their climate impact.


Cleantech Invest is one of the Nordic region’s leading VC’s focusing on climate and environment. Today it announces the results of its inaugural analysis, which measured the overall positive impact of its portfolio companies on earth’s ecosystems.


“We don’t consider ourselves successful if we do not have a positive environmental impact, so it is important for us to start measuring to what extent we are achieving this. We have known that our companies have a big potential positive impact on our ecosystems, but the effect is actually larger than we thought already during 2016,” says Alexander Lidgren, CEO of Cleantech Invest.


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