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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Analyzing Ether: A Bitcoin Investor's Skeptical Take

Analyzing Ether: A Bitcoin Investor

I've been following (and holding) bitcoin since 2012. I admit that until recently, I've largely ignored altcoins because none of the early cryptocurrencies offered any substantial advantage over bitcoin. At best, they were clones with a few minor tweaks, at worst, heavily pre-mined "scamcoins" primarily designed as a money grab scheme for developers and a few promoters.

After seeing a few dozen of those, I had seen enough.

But today, due to the scaling issue, bitcoin is in a crisis, and altcoins have overtaken bitcoin in market cap. While many will consider me a lucky early bitcoin adopter, clearly, I'm late to the altcoin party. So, it was long overdue that I took another look at this market to see if perhaps today there is a credible alternative to bitcoin or some promising coins to help me diversify my crypto investment.

So, I dove in, started reading and talking to people, to see what the buzz was about.

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