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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Paying People to Not Cut Down Trees Pays Off, Study Finds

Paying People to Not Cut Down Trees Pays Off, Study Finds

Across dozens of villages in rural Uganda, researchers have explored what they believe could be an easy way to help tackle climate change: paying landowners to leave their trees standing.

The concept is simple—and controversial, because critics say it can foist the burden of cutting emissions onto developing countries. But the researchers, led by an economist from Northwestern University, found that these financial incentives—or "payments for ecosystems services"—have both a climate and economic benefit, something that had not been firmly established in previous studies.

"This idea of payments for ecosystem services is not new, but there's still a lot of debate over how well it works," said Seema Jayachandran, an associate professor of economics at Northwestern who focuses on developing countries.

Jayachandran and her colleagues looked to Uganda—where deforestation rates are the third highest in the world—to find out.

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Source: Inside Climate News

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