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Monday, July 31, 2017

Want to Protect Other Xandas and Cecils? Don’t Strip Endangered Species of Protections!

Want to Protect Other Xandas and Cecils? Don’t Strip Endangered Species of Protections!

Tragic news struck the world recently when the oldest son of Cecil the lion, Xanda, was killed by a trophy hunter, like his father before him. The beyond-words-disgusting “sport” of trophy hunting has shown little signs of stopping in the last two years since the world heard Cecil’s tragic story. That means it’s up to us to continue to act and one petition is trying to organize said action, with a call to support Endangered Species Act (ESA), which is currently under attack by the U.S. government.

The petition on Care2 reads: “The ESA has successfully saved more than 99 percent of listed species from extinction. But right now, Congress is trying to tear down the ESA brick by brick using a number of bills they are trying to pass off as ‘reforms.’ In particular, the fraudulently named ‘Saving America’s Endangered Species Act’ would irreparably damage conservation efforts by stripping ESA protections for foreign species, like lions, rhinos, cheetahs, giant pandas, and hundreds more, including some being considered for protections right now like giraffes and pangolins.”

The most striking thing about this legislation is that it’s so boldly disingenuous that it boggles the mind. It claims to want to help support animal conservation when it is little more than a free pass for trophy hunters.

The petition reminds us: “90 percent of Americans support the ESA. It is the United States’ most effective wildlife protection law; we need to strengthen it, not tear it apart. Our legislators work for us – they must do their jobs and protect the ESA and save endangered wildlife.”

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