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Monday, September 11, 2017

4 Key Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency

4 Key Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency

It’s impossible to ignore the global rise of cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin becoming a better investment than gold and global institutions such as the UN adopting Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s clear that crypto is here to stay.

Despite its seeming inevitability, crypto remains mysterious to the average person. To many, the word "blockchain" is still gibberish. Lack of knowledge leads to misconceptions about the technology and lingering doubts about its value.

During a recent discussion with Eric Lamison-White, Co-Founder of Pareto Network, we covered common misconceptions surrounding cryptocurrency. Pareto Network is a company that uses digital currency payments to incentivize objective financial information within its network.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have a lot of liquidity, with surges in activity every day, Lamison-White explains. "And while the market has its share of ups and downs, instantly buying or selling Bitcoin at the quoted price is actually a very straightforward procedure."

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