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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ICOs Are Here To Stay After China As Blockchain CEOs Say ‘No Going Back’

ICOs Are Here To Stay After China As Blockchain CEOs Say ‘No Going Back’

Blockchain CEOs are defiant in the wake of China’s complete ban on ICOs, saying there is “no going back” on advancements.

Despite Chinese regulators enforcing a halt on the country’s $400 mln ICO industry Monday, a selection of Blockchain figures responded that they are “bullish” about the future and a more “mature” ICO ecosystem.

“Some governments and incumbents will try to shut down this movement and come to unreasonable extremes in order to do so. However, thanks to the Internet and cryptography, there’s no going back,” Luis Cuende, co-founder of business management platform Aragon said.  

“Eventually, some other governments will embrace token sales and crypto in general, creating jurisdictional competition, and forcing the incumbents to be reasonable...I’m very bullish about everything that’s happening, and not surprised at all.”

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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