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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bitcoin is Pioneer, Pioneers Are Shot in the Back: Jeff Pulver on Ethereum, ICO and More

Bitcoin is Pioneer, Pioneers Are Shot in the Back: Jeff Pulver on Ethereum, ICO and More

Whether you are just curious about Bitcoin and Blockchain, see your career path in Fintech, or even better want to be an entrepreneur or investor you might want to hear about what the experts predict for the future. But the future we are talking about is now, with Blockchain and digital currencies certainly leading the discourse.

At the Arctic15 Conference in Helsinki, Cointelegraph spoke to Jeff Pulver, the VoIP pioneer, Internet entrepreneur and influential figure in the modern technology area.

Pulver is well known for discovering and popularizing Voice over Internet Protocol technology. The idea that stood behind it was simple: to help people connect. During the 90s, within the span of two years, the protocol VoIP was adopted by the world’s biggest phone companies. On a global scale, it created worldwide communication systems and also created hundred of thousands of jobs.

From 1996 to 2008, Pulver was running a conference known as VoN (Voice on the Net). Later on, the name of the conference was borrowed for the co-title of the world’s first broadband company Vonage, literally standing for the age of voice on the net, also founded by Pulver.

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