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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Clampdown on OneCoin Intensifies, OneLife CEO Abandons Ship

Clampdown on OneCoin Intensifies, OneLife CEO Abandons Ship

The clampdown on OneCoin has intensified as Germany and Hungary initiate fresh moves to bring down the investment scheme that is widely believed to be fraudulent.

Taking advantage of the early stages of development of digital currencies, OneCoin is widely believed to have built a very large community of followers by making bogus promises of return on investment.

With its claims of becoming the next big thing on the Internet and becoming the biggest cryptocurrency, with specific reference to conquering Bitcoin, followers of OneCoin have invested huge sums of money with the hope of making unprecedented returns in the future.

The propagators of OneCoin have been accused of violating several governmental investment and payment rules while running the scheme.

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