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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What is Asicboost? — An Interview With Developer Jeremy Rubin

What is Asicboost? — An Interview With Developer Jeremy Rubin

The drama surrounding the Bitcoin community reached a fever pitch a couple of weeks ago when the Asicboost “exploit” was revealed by Gregory Maxwell. This revelation exacerbated infighting between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited, especially since some have claimed that BU supporters have tried to block Segwit activation in order to take advantage of Asicboost’s 30% performance hike. However, many people reject claims that Asicboost is a “hack” or “exploit,” and instead they call it an optimization. has had the opportunity to speak with a developer that has been researching Asicboost. We reached out to Jeremy Rubin to get his professional take on whether Asicboost is an exploit or an optimization, because he recently penned a fascinating article explaining its ins and outs. We also asked him to clarify for our nontechnical readers the differences between a hard fork and a soft fork.

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