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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ethereum's Ether Token Falls Below $200 to Hit 40-Day Low


The price of ether, the native cryptocurrency powering the ethereum blockchain, fell below $200 today for the first time since 30th May.

During the day's session, the price of one ether token hit an inter-day low of $192.22 across major exchanges, its lowest value in over 40 days of trading, according to data from cryptocurrency price information provider Coinmarketcap.

At press time, the value had recovered to $198, but the fall to $192 still marked a more than 50% drop from all-time highs above $400 observed in early June, a time when excitement over initial coin offerings (ICOs) and new mainstream attention were perhaps driving new users more aggressively to the platform.

Even with the declines, though, the price of ether is still up substantially over the course of 2017, having risen over 2,000% from roughly $8 on 1st January. Further, while it has yet to surpass bitcoin's total value, as some had predicted, there is still broad optimism about the asset among traders, who believe it to be a rare cryptocurrency that has established a viable value proposition by enabling token issuance.

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Source: CoinDesk

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