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Monday, May 8, 2017

Meet the Republicans Taking On Climate Change

Meet the Republicans Taking On Climate Change

Just a few miles from ExxonMobil’s global headquarters outside of Dallas, men in cowboy boots and women toting designer handbags crammed into a small room in the middle of a crowded convention space at the local fairground. As families and school groups roamed outside to celebrate Earth Day Texas, the well-heeled visitors commiserated about the threat of climate change and President Trump's cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.

That might seem surprising given the attendees in the room. Rod Richardson’s father, R. Randolph Richardson, may be best known for his lavish support of free-market think tanks. Andy Sabin owns a metal recovery and refining company and backed Trump’s presidential bid. Peter Bryn was an engineer for ExxonMobil before heading up conservative outreach for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Yet the Dallas gathering is one of a number of such groups that are pushing back on the narrative that the GOP is anti-environment. “Being a Republican, being an environmentalist encompasses a lot,” says Sabin. “It’s about doing the right thing while we’re on the planet.”

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