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Friday, July 14, 2017

How Blockchain Gaming Is Evolving The Way Games Are Played

How Blockchain Gaming Is Evolving The Way Games Are Played

With the gaming industry continuing to grow in size and value, some companies are looking into building games around Blockchain to take advantage of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and their benefits. Whether it might be a trading card game, MMO or RPG, the use of virtual currencies in games is getting popular.

In recent years, games have entered the markets using Blockchain features such as wallets or tokens to secure and back in-game items. This way players have more ownership of the items or currency they loot and purchase. With a Blockchain record, players are guaranteed ownership which gives their items value to both the owner and other players.

Spells of Genesis and Force of Will, are both trading card games where all the cards are linked to the Bitcoin Blockchain. These are linked via Counter-Party tokens which have been linked to a trading card and players can exchange via Blockchain transactions.

“Spells of Genesis allows players to have true ownership of their digital assets through the Bitcoin Blockchain. SoG places some cards on the Blockchain and thus gives them some properties of physical items,” wrote EverdreamSoft, the creators of Spells of Genesis.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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