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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Inside IC3: How Cornell is Advancing the Science of Bitcoin

Inside IC3: How Cornell is Advancing the Science of Bitcoin

We’re squeezed into a small room filled with tall black server racks. Fans interweave with computers, sputtering cold air.

The whirring noise is so loud it drowns out Cornell PhD candidate Adem Efe Gencer as he explains that inside the mundane set of racks is Cornell's ambitious attempt to model the global bitcoin network – all in the name of science.

The servers, he notes, make up about half of a bitcoin testbed that comprises more than 1,200 nodes. More are in the basement below.

Called 'Miniature World', the project is named after the diorama copies of real-world places presented at tourist attractions. Except, rather than toy cars and cardboard buildings, Miniature World models bitcoin's sprawling network of nodes.

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