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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Learn The Secrets of Bitcoin Millionaires

Learn The Secrets of Bitcoin Millionaires

New site Bitcoin Millionaire has looked at what is out there in regards to investment advice for crypto-currencies, seen that it is lacking, and endeavored to fill the breach.

With standard currencies, you are expected to take the word of those who have generated their own wealth regarding how they got there. With Bitcoin the blockchain records every single Bitcoin transaction making the evidence freely available to back up claims.

And the site’s founder is prepared to put his own investments up to public scrutiny on his journey with monthly profit reports and view-able Bitcoin wallet.

It’s not just the journey of this one soon to be Bitcoin millionaire but also hints and tips from those that have already made it happen. The site will publish interviews with numerous entrepreneurs who are already profiting from their savvy business endeavors.

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