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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stop Trying To Kill My ICO: Nick Ayton

Stop Trying To Kill My ICO: Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton aka the ‘Sage of Shoreditch’ having just completed his own ICO 21Million looks at why there are so many people trying to damage Initial Coin Offerings.

An Initial Coin Offering, a token sale and crypto crowdsale no matter what you want to call them is a new Capital Market coming to terms with itself. It is as I have said before, Crypto Capital Market 2.0 is still a pubescent teenager who has imperfections and blemishes and will make mistakes, it is working and will continue to do so.

It isn’t a scam machine reported by so many, and in every market it is inevitable some people will take advantage of what is largely unregulated, albeit the crypto community does police it best it can and places hurdles on the people behind each ICO.

The parallel is CrowdFunding which is again unregulated and where default rates have started to increase. As with any system it takes time, 18 to 24 months before anyone really knows when the entrepreneurs have built something that real customers have a chance to buy, only then will you know if your App Token is worth anything.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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