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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bitcoin Unlimited Is 100% Anti-Bitcoin: Akin Fernandez

Bitcoin Unlimited Is 100% Anti-Bitcoin: Akin Fernandez

Akin Fernandez, the owner of the Bitcoin startup Azteco, thinks that Bitcoin Unlimited is “100 percent anti-Bitcoin.” His comments come in the wake of the ongoing scaling impasse which has bedeviled the ecosystem.

He explains what convinced him to come to that conclusion:

"If someone came to your country and said, 'We are going to break up your government and take over the running of this country...because we have more money than all of you put together. We do not care what you want or think, just obey us, or you are free to go anywhere' you would say that that is "Anti-human" wouldn't you?"

Full story at http://bit.ly/2pDJSp4

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