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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Daily Jokes from SydesJokes for 18 Jan 2018


Joke 1

Irish Proverb

SydesJokes Blog

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Joke 2

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest. - Dylan Thomas

Joke 3

A couple often ate at a local restaurant and were amused to discover the simple way the eatery had of advertising its hours.

The door displayed four large letters that spelled the word "OPEN."

Then, after business hours, the "N" was moved forward to spell out "NOPE."

Joke 4

Q: Did you hear about the new restaurant that opened in India?
A: It's a New Delhicatessen.

Joke 5

A husband and wife went to the fairgrounds. The wife wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, but the husband wasn't comfortable with that. So the wife went on the ride by herself.

The wheel went round and round and suddenly the wife was thrown out and landed in a heap at her husband's feet.

Are you hurt? he asked.

Of course I'm hurt! she replied. "Three times around and you didn't wave once!"

Joke 6

The high school basketball coach had landed a job as head coach at a prestigious university. Thrilled about his new position, he was sure national fame and recognition would soon follow.

One morning, his wife called to him from downstairs. "Honey, you have a phone call," she said. "It's Sports Illustrated."

"This is it!" he thought to himself. "My big break!"

He practically fell in his rush down the stairs getting to the phone.

He picked up the receiver.

"Hello," the voice said. "This is Ron from Sports Illustrated. Now, for only 75 cents an issue..."

Joke 7

Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were spending the night in a hotel room.

Donald wanted to have sex with Minnie.

The first thing Minnie asked was, "Do you have a condom?"

Donald frowned and said "No."

Minnie told Donald that if he didn't get a condom they could not have sex. "Maybe they sell them at the front desk," she suggested.

So Donald went down to the lobby and asked the hotel clerk if they had condoms. "Yes, we do," the clerk said, and pulled one out from under the counter and gave it to Donald.

The clerk asked, "Would you like me to put that on your bill?"

No! Donald yelled. "What kind of a pervert do you think I am?"

Joke 8

Q: How do you clean ice off tall buildings?
A: With sky scrapers.

A beautiful soul

SydesJokes Blog

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